About Operation Pollination

About Operation Pollination

Apr 05, 2017Michael DeLuca
Operation Pollination is partnering with retailers across America to educate consumers about the importance of honeybees, and other pollinators, to our environment.  Over the past several years, a decline in the honeybee population has been noticed by scientists and environmental groups.  Bees are leaving their hives and dying out for unknown reasons.  Many studies show bees do not have enough food resources to survive. Operation Pollination is working to draw awareness to this shortage by providing packets of wildflower seeds for planting.  By planting the seeds, we are providing additional food resources for bees; a small step to support bees and their environment.  As we work together with our retailers providing free seed packets, we are making a difference across the country!
Earlier this year, we supported the Texas Discovery Gardens in Dallas, TX by sponsoring their honeybee tree exhibit.  This is a real, working hive that shows visitors what goes on ‘behind the scenes’.  The hive is accompanied by signage telling visitors the importance of bees to our environment and what they can do to help.  In addition, visitors can pick up more information in the Discovery Gardens gift shop near The Naked Bee display… including a free packet of wildflower seeds from Operation Pollination that they can take home and plant, making a difference in their own back yard!
In 2015, The Naked Bee and Operation Pollination distributed 20,000 seed packets nationwide.  In 2016, we came back in a big way and distributed 30,000 seed packets!  We are finding more and more people want to make a difference so we expect to see the number of seed packets we distribute each year continue to grow.  As consumers plant the seeds, we encourage them to share pictures on The Naked Bee social media pages spreading the word about bees and how to help.

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